Art really is for everyone

any age, any ability, any experience level!

The Art is 4 Every 1 method was developed by Elaine Griffith during the nearly 25 years she taught at nursing homes, senior centers, kids camps and in her studio. It is a method that breaks the painting process into small steps, as tiny and as simplified as is needed according to the ability and experience of the student . It is an equally useful method for those already acquainted with painting as it is a method that allows the painter to work quickly and with room for creative adjustments.

Training Artists

to share the magic of painting.

Are you a painter that wishes you could paint everyday? Do you dream of finding a way to support yourself just by painting? Yes, there are successful fine artists out there making a living by selling their work and doing commissions. It is possible if you work the circuit and find your niche. But…

What about the rest of us? Those who do not live in the right spot, paint in the right style, have the means to try ONLY painting till you make it big, or who just don’t want to follow that road? If this is you, read more…

You CAN have a steady income making art. Come learn a special painting/teaching method and fill the demand to teach children, adults of all abilities, and residents in healthcare facilities.

Training and certification

Live Training with Elaine

This live three day training will show you the acrylic painting and instruction method that Elaine has developed and used for the last 25 years. You will also become proficient at color mixing and breaking a photo/painting subject down into the steps needed to help students of all abilities understand how an artist views the world.

The training concludes with you teaching a student how to complete a painting using all the methods, techniques, and instruction tips you have learned.

Online Training with Elaine

OR come train with us online! Why wait for the next live training to be scheduled when you can learn in the convenience of your own home, office or studio! The next online training program begins on February 1st, 2016. Check it out here: Teach Art!

Once you have completed either the live or online training there is a support system that stays with you to help you find your own students and/or facilities to teach in, advanced instruction techniques, business building strategies, as well as a community of instructors to collaborate with and learn from.

Bring art to everyone

one paintbrush at a time

Children, teens and adults who have no art background love the way this method gives them a jump start into the world of being an artist. Experienced painters find this method makes the painting come together faster and allows for more freedom for the composition to evolve as they work. The simplified color mixing method teaches how to create all of the colors needed from only four basic colors. As one painter with years of teaching other classes expressed, “I feel so free not having to cart around tons of colors of paint and knowing I can create any color I need to remix, as I have all the ingredients in the four colors I can now carry.”

First time students have ranged from 5 to 100 years old and are quick to gain confidence in their new pursuit. The method is so versatile that it can be adapted to the skills and ability of anyone to provide success. “I can’t believe I painted that!” is a common response at the completion of a student’s first piece.

Our mission is to foster confidence, boost self-esteem and nurture artistic creativity through painting. We teach people regardless of their age, disability, or experience to paint amazing pictures with ease.”