As I struggle to stay out there in cyberspace I find it is increasingly frustrating and unsatisfying. Yes I can talk to my friends and family on the other side of the world but it seems to suck you in and then you loose big chunks of REAL time in the REAL world!

I love being present in THIS day and recording the things I love on a canvas, to visit the scene I love or the feelings it brings me over and over.

Which is why I love to turn others onto this tool for enjoying those things you love just a little more. This is the magic that people discover when they learn to see like an artist. Not only can they save those special scenes but now they will see them more intently as an artist learns to see so many details and colors that people never notice as they rush thru life.  I love when a student tells me “I was looking at the clouds yesterday and there ARE so many colors in them! I always thought of them as just white. ”

So before I get sucked into spending too much time here again I will say ENJOY your real time day! I am off to paint!

Who could you help to see the world with more detail and color?