This year has advanced at breakneck speed in several areas of my multi-faceted life. But one thing that has always been a constant is my ability to make my living making people happy.

New students have overflowed one of my senior center classes. With 14 students now in the class, obviously I will not be able to spend as much one on one time with each student. My experienced students who have been with me several years often only need a few words from me to clarify a color mix or perspective issue but the newer ones sit lost till I can get around the table to instruct them again. In this senior center setting some are helped by the more experienced artists sitting beside them, but this is not a good solution!

How to approach the lack of quality time I can spend with each student? I have arranged a special 3 hour class to work on color mixing, brush technique and the thought process for breaking down a scene or photo into the steps that we use in the Art is 4 Every1 process. Several students immediately jumped at the chance to join the one time $40 workshop The class will be in my studio and the small class size (7 people) will assure they all get attention and have their questions answered.

The lesson here is to keep your eyes and ears open to what your group of students need or what “Add On” services you can bring to them.

Enjoy the Holiday season! … and don’t forget to offer gift certificates for a set number of classes for your students to share their excitement with family and friends.