I was listening to NPR and they had some guy talking about how so many jobs will be lost to automation, high tech robots, even more than the worry of jobs being shipped overseas.

Do you have a job where that is a concern?

But I am not worried as I know there can never be a robot that will replace human contact and instilling creative excitement in another person!

Yet another reason I love this work, you can utilize it in so many ways.
Bringing meaning to the lives of the elderly and disabled and memory impaired. Inspiring confidence in young kids, older kids, troubled kids. Bringing peace and relief to those in hospice care and bringing calm to stressed overworked adults.

There are other groups I have not worked with yet but would like to bring this program to: veterans with PTSD, troubled inmates in detention, homeless people in shelters or abused women in shelters.

Maybe you also see the need to give these folks “another language to speak with” and will pass the power of painting to them when you master the Art is 4 Every1 method of teaching.

This is the work out there that will not go out of fashion, get shipped away or automated. This work will always be needed: nurturing the creative fire within us all. Take up the challenge! Its a great gift you can offer the world around you.

Make it your dream,