Are you imagining a future for yourself? Things today make people realize the future could go in many different directions. Has your current job stopped with the pandemic? What kind of job is it and what are the chances it will employ you again in the near future?

When there is no definite future to plan on maybe its a good time to rethink what you want to do with your life.

If you are someone who loves painting there are several directions you could go. Like sell art online. Some people sell it on Etsy. I love the site to host my work. They have lots of options for selling your originals or prints of your work or printing it on other items.

Or put out notice on your social media sites to do commissions – especially animals and peoples homes!

I have gone back to offering this service as I found teaching painting was suddenly gone for me when the pandemic hit. I was teaching at Senior Centers, longterm care facilities and kids camps. I had a plein air retreat set up to teach in Italy!
But when things dried up overnight I went back to my roots and have been taking pet and home commissions again.A few photos on Facebook and a set special price and one size kept it simple for them to decide.

Of course you could spend this time training to be ready to teach when the world opens up. I have loved the flexibility having my own teaching business has given me.
Its so nice to have a steadier income than JUST offering commissions or displaying in shows and galleries.
And the chance to make a difference in someone’s life is invaluable
Check out the “become an Instructor” page at my website.

You could teach online with ZOOM or FaceTime also. Especially with my simple to understand painting method.
I looked into doing that but my older student groups were not tech savvy so it didn’t fly.

Also I was loving having time and reason to paint a lot more with the commissions anyway!

What ever you decide KEEP PAINTING! It’s good for the soul!