One of the things about working for yourself is you have control over your schedule. With the holidays approaching I can move classes around in some areas. Its a nice side benefit for the self-employed! That comes in handy and today I have an unexpected morning off and want to share some of my experiences teaching with the Art is 4 Every1 method.

Many in my senior classes have been painting fall scenes with bright tree colors. The secret to making the colors on the trees really POP is to paint all the tree leaf areas with a dark background color first in the shape of where the trees will go. Look closely at the trees. What color is peeking out between the bright leaves? dark greens? light greens?  maybe browns ? Whatever it seems to be, paint it on there in the shape of the tree where the leaves will go.

Next mix a version of what ever you see- orange, yellow orange, red orange add a little tiny bit of blue to get the gold tones – now take some from each of these puddles and add WHITE to it so you have a lighter version of each. these overly white tones will be the first ones you will apply everywhere for the trees.  It will hold back the dark color so the true color will POP out.  Tap them with a small bristle brush in the spaces that correspond  with the final color you are wanting (i.e. light pale orange for the place the bright orange will go).   Remember to leave little bits of the dark to peek through. LOOK at the picture to see where the darks show!

When it’s dry top it with the original brilliant tones. Don’t forget to study that reference photo – most trees may have several tones of all the colors in different areas. reddish tops, orange middles and some under tones of dying greens perhaps.

As always look at the photo closely with an artists eye!

Enjoy the season and all its color!