Once people begin to see like an artist they become hungry for more tools to help them create what they want to see.

Color mixing is the biggest challenge after learning to SEE the actual shapes you want to reproduce accurately. I have found that offering a Color Intensive workshop to your students who are ready for becoming more independent is popular and greatly appreciated by these growing artists.

I start with the barest basics- making a color wheel. As you learn in the color mix lessons in my online Instructor Training Program, artists choose their own “palette”. Meaning, as long as it is a RED, a BLUE and a YELLOW you can create a color wheel and make a version of every color you want. I prefer to stay close to the tones that are often used in printing color boxes and ads, etc. for the most true to life tones. You can find the printers proof of ink tones (little squares) on the bottom of your cereal box or such.

Once students move on to learn how the complements of each color can temper tones and create more colors, the real magic begins.

These two talents, seeing shapes like an artist and mixing the colors you see, give students the most important tools they need to become independent and move deeper into their work.

Unlock the key to color for your students. Or take a workshop with me to further your own color mixing efforts. Look at my site for workshops or contact me directly
( elaine@artis4every1.com )