The instructor training was a surprisingly easy to follow, structured outline of how to teach “teachable students”, as well as hands on instruction to those that may not fall into that category. The marketing to new students of this technique was added so that someone with newly trained skills could go out and start actively pursuing a position as an art instructor. And you are given the added benefit of having an organized support system behind you.

Debra Boston

Instructor In Training

What our instructors, students, and others are saying

The ‘Method’ allows folks to play with lines, shapes, colors and concepts while being released from the scary ‘drawing’ and ‘being creative’ aspects of ‘art,’ and lets them surprise themselves with lovely paintings.

The satisfaction level is a delight to see manifested.

Nancy McBride

Certified Instructor

I followed the step by step business plan laid out in the training and it was very successful for me.

Dolores Cowden

Certified Instructor

I am very excited to have the opportunity to make a career doing something I love, and being my own boss isn’t so bad either.

Mandy Thompson

Certified Instructor

Learning to create beautiful paintings with the Elaine Griffith method was an amazing experience. Elaine made all the steps easy and she was always so helpful and kind. One of my favorite parts of the Certified Instructor Training was that I learned how to mix paint to create all the beautiful colors that I wanted. The best part was that I learned how to help others to create beautiful paintings. Lisa on the technical side was very helpful with questions I had and offered great support to our class. Certification and career path I was so happy to achieve but I will never forget the wonderful journey.

Cynthia Seguin

Instructor In Training

I found the training program to be stimulating and inspiring and the technique one that could be used with anyone. Breaking the process down into small manageable steps eliminates the fears and insecurities that beginners often feel helping them to become more comfortable and confident with each new painting.

I think the training was well worth the investment of time and money.

Mary Nolan

Certified Instructor

Elaine’s support was outstanding, removing any feelings of being at a distance from the instructor. Not only did she welcome questions, but took the initiative to check in on her students and make sure we were not struggling with anything on our own. Her passion for teaching others to share art instruction really comes through.

Sue Russo

Instructor In Training