With the government telling us all to stay home to slow down the Corona virus, I have to admit I am thrilled to be told to stay home!

I normally have a very busy schedule of running to painting classes in various towns and balance that with taking time to spend several weeks at a time caring for my 95 year old mother who lives 3 hours away. Little time actually to spend at my house on my own agenda!

Sound familiar?

But now, while my sister does a tour of duty with mom I am blissfully at home completing projects of all kinds. Of course I am missing the income from my classes but I have posted on my personal Facebook page that I am available to do paintings of pets and homes while I am in lockdown. I added photos of both subjects that I have done in the past and I immediately got several commissions !  (see  some of my past projects I posted above)

My next endeavor, if I still need income is to try offering private or semi private painting classes to people stuck at home. I will check with my usual adult classes first.  I have used ZOOM in the past and may try this if I have several people who want to join in on this. Though you have to be mindful that Zoom only lets you do up to 45 min if you don’t have a professional account. That’s may not really be long enough to get much done. This is why I am thinking maybe Facetime would work better if I am working with only 1 person or two in the same location.

Figuring out the Techy stuff is always my biggest challenge!

What are you doing while you are home more than usual? Think creatively and enjoy your time in our new slowed down world . Show any art work you have done on my Facebook page. Go to www.Facebook.com/artis4every1  and comment and add your photo there!