Are you ready to unlock that creative streak in you and share it with the rest of the world?

Pass on the power of creating art and make a lasting difference in the lives of others. Most people have no clue they can learn to see the world the way an artist sees it. The way YOU see it.

Let’s face it, artists see more in the world. They know trees are not just green but many different shades of green with a variety of highlights. Artists just see more of the details around them. It is a richer way to see the world.

I smile when students say, “I was watching the clouds the other day and I could see all the purples and golds in them!” These students no longer see clouds as just white. They have learned to SEE as an artist!

YOU can bring that transformation to people who need their world turned from black and white to full living color. All people…

Elderly people living in the gray days of an institution. Children of all ages looking to excel at something they enjoy. Stressed working adults who love being able to create something and feel good about it no matter what the rest of their day has brought. Physically challenged people who still want to show the world they are very capable in other ways. People who want to share their memories and express their feelings.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to make a career doing something I love, and being my own boss isn’t so bad either. Mandy Thompson

Certified Instructor

So make YOUR mark in the world by helping others make theirs! The method of painting I developed over the 30 years of teaching to all ages is unique, adaptable and easy for everyone to master regardless of their age, experience or ability.


What will you learn?


Certified Instructor Training: 8 educational and experiential modules

Module 1: Color Basics

Starting with the basics of color theory and the color wheel, we move on through the choice of paint, palettes and use of the palette knife. We begin mixing blacks and neutral colors.

Module 3: Reference File

Painting inspiration is everywhere, but it isn’t all free to copy. Learn to find copyright free painting inspiration photos for use with your students and how to categorize and organize them.

Module 5: Breakdowns

Take any inspiration photo and quickly and easily break it down into paintable steps. These “breakdowns” become the lesson plans you use with your students and in your classes. More painting practice further deepens your color mixing, painting method and instruction skills.

Module 7: Choose Your Class

Identify the type of class and student you want to teach and how to prepare for your classes. What’s in your smock? What’s in your bag? What supplies do you need? What supplies do you bring to class?

Module 2: The Other Colors

The fun continues as we build upon your color mixing skillset with vibrant greens, blues, yellows, reds and whites! You master color mixing from the use of only minimal primary colors.

Module 4: The Painting Method

Watch, learn and use the Elaine Griffith acrylic painting method with enough practice to build confidence. Your own painting improves while you learn how to adapt and teach this method to others.

Module 6: Instructor Skills

Learn the secret to motivating your students and keeping them motivated to continue painting. Identify the types of students you want to work with and how to adapt the painting method to every student type. Learn how to manage a roomful of students: what to say, what to do, how to keep everyone painting while you make the rounds.

Module 8: Marketing

Forms, fees and insurance .. Oh my! It’s not enough to be a good artist or an effective instructor. This module teaches you about record keeping, marketing, promotion and social media too!

With the Certified Instructor Training program you also receive a shipment of tools/supplies to use along with the online training:

  • 5  16 oz Bottles of paint
  • Canvas paper pad
  • Color wheel
  • Copyright free photos
  • Breakdown chart
  • Brush set
  • Palette mixing knife
  • White charcoal pencil


New Instructor Support Training: 4 Empowering modules

Module 1: Instructor Mindset

Building confidence as an instructor. Learn from the successes of other Certified Instructors. How to talk about your business in a way that engages people in what you do. Learn how to attract new students to your classes by how you represent your business.

Module 3: Business Support

The Go-to resource for keeping the business records of your new art instruction business. From expenses to deposits and everything in between.

Module 2: Marketing & More Marketing!

The A-Z of marketing from painting parties, brochures, flyers, business cards, calendars, holiday cards, prints to gallery shows. You will not run out of proven techniques to get your business up and running fast!

Module 4: Advanced Painting Techniques

How to put everything you’ve learned together and take it to the next level: washes and mists, hot suns, glowing suns, rocks, water and more!

With the New Instructor Support Program you receive the following tools/supplies for use in building your business:

  • Memory key with 100’s of reference photos & 6 breakdowns
  • 15 Brochures for Healthcare
  • 15 Brochures for All Students
  • 50 pre-printed business cards
  • Promo coupon for a business presentation folder
  • Class pack: receipt pad, pencils, sharpener, black/silver markers
  • Art is 4 Everyone tote bag


What our current Certified Instructors have to say:

The ‘Method’ allows folks to play with lines, shapes, colors and concepts while being released from the scary ‘drawing’ and ‘being creative’ aspects of ‘art,’ and lets them surprise themselves with lovely paintings. The satisfaction level is a delight to see manifested. Nancy McBride

Certified Instructor

The instructor training was surprisingly easy to follow with the added benefit of having an organized support system behind you. Debra Boston

Instuctor in Training

Learning to create beautiful paintings with Elaine’s method was an amazing experience. She made all the steps easy and Lisa on the technical side was very helpful with support and answering all questions. Cynthia Seguin

Instructor in Training

Elaine’s support was outstanding and her passion for teaching others to share art instruction really comes through. Sue Russo

Instructor in Training

I found the training program to be stimulating and inspiring and the technique one that could be used with anyone. It was well worth the investment of time and money. Mary Nolan

Certified Instructor

Choose the training option that works best for you:

Certification BASIC

Online Only
  • Instructor Training: Color Mixing, Photo Inspiration, Breakdowns/Lesson Plans, Painting Method, Instruction Skills, Classroom Management, Supplies, Finding Students, Choosing Your Student Type, Approaching Facilities, Pricing, Marketing, and Social Media.
  • Includes monthly online Q & A and weekly private Facebook chats.
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Certification PREMIUM

Online Training & Support
  • Instructor Training: The entire basic certification program. Color mixing, painting method, lessons plans, instruction skills and so much more!
  • New Instructor Support Program: In depth timely guidance to get your business off the ground. This is THE step by step guide to build your new business!
  • PLUS:  3 private conferences with Elaine Griffith, founder, creator, artist and long term experienced painting instructor. 1. Identify your goals and how best to get started. Choose your student and class type. 2. Resolve your questions on color mixing, the painting method and creating effective lesson plans. 3. Get your final questions answered along with marketing advice to get your new business off and running.
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I followed the step by step business plan and it was very successful for me. Dolores Cowden

Certified Instructor