Once you have a core of students completing lots of paintings one of the most exciting and fun things is to have an art show in their community somewhere. Make it complete with an opening – a “meet the artist” type event.Your students will love it!

I have held these at libraries, restaurants and “for rent” galleries for both my longterm healthcare facility students and my senior center students.

One of the most ambitious shows I put on was held in a large gallery that could be rented for $200 a month.
Every student from my dozen or so classes entered one painting plus a few Ai4E1 Certified Instructors in my area submitted a piece from several of their students. We had over 150 pieces in our show!

We hired a small trio to play music at our opening complete with appetizers and drinks.
It was a roaring success and students were beaming with pride as their family and friends took photos of them by their paintings in this very professionally presented show.

One of the magic things about teaching someone to paint is the confidence it gives them and the strength it adds to their self image. Don’t miss opportunities to reinforce this powerful effect!