About Elaine

elaine-ABTME-hs-bigA working artist, whether self-taught or an art-school graduate, usually needs to find a day job, and that day job may or may not be in line with their passion and their unique artistic talents.

My own experience as a working artist seemed to be rolling along at a good pace. After art school, I did a lot of freelance artwork of all kinds, entered exhibits and won prizes. My art hung in a few galleries. But the reality was it wasn’t a steady income by any means.

Right when I needed more money, more consistently, opportunity knocked. I was asked to do a painting class at a long-term care facility, and there I began to develop a special technique of teaching acrylic painting that became popular with ages 9 to 90. (I had a couple of first-time students who were over 100!) My technique was especially appreciated by those with severe physical challenges or memory impairment.


A Growing Need

After that first surprising class, other activity directors heard about me and wanted me to come teach their group. My classes spread rapidly to include many ages and locations. It grew to a height of 14 classes a week at venues like nursing homes, assisted living communities, senior centers, and chronic care facilities. In addition, I taught private lessons in student’s homes, and small groups of kids, teens and adults in my home studio. Currently I also spend my summers teaching painting at a private summer camp for girls.

I love my work — but I’m only one woman, and there’s only so many hours in the day. Eventually, I figured out how to share my system with other artists and those who, while they didn’t always define themselves as artists, also wanted to spread creativity around.

More Than Just a Job

I believe in artists creating artists. I believe in passing on the power of creating, and it’s my mission to not only awaken creativity but to help you find your inner art teacher. The training program I developed out of my experiences as a teacher makes it easy to pass this power along, and I look forward to recruiting and converting more and more people (just like you) to teaching art through Art Is 4 Every 1.

Make a Difference

I set out to make a living using my creativity, and I do make a good living, but there are plenty of rewards I didn’t expect that make the work completely worthwhile. I’ve watched painting make a really big difference in the emotional lives of elderly nursing home residents who went from spending all their time depressed in their rooms to making sure to roll down to the art room every week.

I’ve seen kids from camp go from making their first painting one summer to enrolling in art-based high school. Kids who have been shy little wallflowers gain confidence and show off their work with pride.

And I’ll always remember the moment a ten-year-old girl blasted out of the crafts cabin with her painting, ran back in to give me a bear hug with a big “Thank you!” then ran back out again.

Elaine is a masterful artist and an amazing woman. Not only does she teach skills specific to art, but she inspires her students through both her own talent and her delightful character. Each individual Elaine works with is special to her and leaves her classes with both new skills and a new positive self concept.

Lorrie B.

Director, Camp Betsey Cox

My first painting classes were quite an experience. I never imagined a painting I did could turn out so good!

I kept asking Elaine, ‘Did you work on this while I wasn’t here?’ It’s now hanging proudly on my wall at home.

Stephanie C.

Student, Art is 4 Every1

The Art Is 4 Every 1 Approach

What is unique about my method is that you’ll learn to teach even “unexpected artists,” people who’ve spent their life without a clue they’d ever be able to create anything. As a teacher using the Art Is 4 Every 1 method, you too will have the power to unlock each person’s ability to see like an artist.

And just imagine the hugs you’ll get.

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